Art Exhibits

WheatFields is proud to provide a showcase for local artistic talent in our cafe.

Art Exhibits

November - December 2017
John Keller, Photographs
John's interest in photography began as a child when viewing projected "slide shows" of travels by older family members. Now he travels with the purpose of shooting dramatic landscapes using classic principles of art and photography. His fine art prints are the result of careful compositions of natural elements in preferred light.

January - February 2018
Anne Patterson, Sketches
I love my job: I get to open minds and unlock the creative potential of freshman architecture students at KU. My teahing often informs my own work. I am an artist at heart: a woman with many interests...after hours I sew shirts, create cut-paper birthday art and many other things, but I always return to my first love: architectural drawing. Lately I have been particularly interested in hybrid images of buildings: images that employ both the camera's eye and the human eye. My WheatFields show includes both original sketches and hybrid photodrawings of some of our best loved Lawrence haunts. You will recongize the places, and hopefully be delighted to see them with fresh eyes.

March - April 2018
Kim Brook, Woodwork
About her work, Kim Brook says a driving force behind creating art is keeping memories of people I've lost alive and to honor those I love. By using different woods and floral motifs with my ceramics I am transported to times with my father. His love of flowers and trees was cultivated as an orchard farmer in the Netherlands and passed on to me. I remember trying to learn his routine of watering the plants. I remember marking the passing of years by the height of the trees. I remember if someone gave my parents a plant, that plant was always called by the recipient's name. So we had a philodendron named Mark. My father often exclaimed "Don't bring me flowers when I'm dead. Bring them to me when I'm alive. Even though my father passed on, I think he'll see these flowers and smile. And I hope you smile, too.

May - June 2018
Gregory Thomas, Pallet knife paintings-plein air, landscape
Gregory Thomas attended Bethany College in Kansas and The School of the Art Institute in Chicago. He has worked as a carpenter, machinist and graphic artist, but feels the most freedom and happiness in the expression he achieves through his oil paintings. His mantra is "Be here and observe with a clear eye and be happy in the process." His work includes local scenes as well as the Southwest.


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