Art Exhibits

WheatFields is proud to provide a showcase for local artistic talent in our cafe.

Art Exhibits

November - December 2018
Lynn Metzger, Paintings
I have been a Lawrence native for more that 70 years. My working career was with Halmark cards in various managemant positions. I retired in 2001 and I have been painting seriously since. I studied drawing and painting at KU in the 60s with Robert Sudlow, Robert Green, and Robert Eastwood to name a few. I'm a big fan of Edward Hopper. I enjoy painting familiar, and maybe "funky" scenes and objects around Lawrence. If there is a historic element so much the better. Hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it!

January - February 2019
Beth Allen, Paintings
My name is Beth. I am a mother, a wife, an artist. I've carved a small studio out of a storage closet, and I've carved a painting career between naps and dishes. My everyday life inspires me: the fruit on my counter, the trees outside my window, the faces surrounding me. I've been described as quiet. And I think that might be because I find it easier to speak in colors and shapes than words. Painting is solace. Organizing color patterns helps me to filter through the tones in my head. A compulsion for creation has been with me since childhood. And I followed my dreams of a light-filled studio with piles of blank white canvases to a fine arts degree in painting at Arizona State University. In recent years, I have taken sabbatical in the east coast, exploring new england with my family, painting in an old catholic church turned studio. Recently I've found inspiration in the changing of the seasons. Nature is a source of strength and beauty for me. I am currently residing in Lawrence, KS with my husband and children. The colors and rhythms of the midwest have found their way into my work. I hope that you can find some peace and inspiration here for your own home. Conversations and questions are welcome at or on instagram, @bethannallen.

March - April 2019
Nick Vaaler, Paintings
Nick Vaaler is a young artist focused on creating large quantities of watercolor and ink paintings. He works within rigidly defined series for about three to five months at a time. Within this time, Nick explores the same color scheme and works to develop a series specific illustrative character to represent himself. His paintings often are a way to portray feelings of loneliness, isolation, worry, and love. These feelings are purposefully masked behind vibrant colors, patterns, and uniformity within his characters.

May -June 2019


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