Art Exhibits

WheatFields is proud to provide a showcase for local artistic talent in our cafe.

Art Exhibits

July - August 2018
Toni Brou, Paintings
Toni Brou ("Brew") grew up in Dodge City, KS and learned to love the creative process while watching her dad make "junk art" from found objects. She moved to Lawrence after high school and completed her BFA in Graghic Design an Illustration at The University of Kansas. In the midst of a series of personal tagedies in 1999-2000, Toni adopted the matra"the sun always rises" and began modeling smiling sun faces as therapy. Her use of found objects (hubcaps are a favorite) is a nod to her late father, and serves as a light-hearted take on transformation and redemption. Since 2011, two dozen of her suns have aired on CBS Sunday Morning as the show fades to commercial. Toni has her original hubcap sun assemblages and bright whimsical acrylic paintings in this exhibit.

September - October 2018
Kelly Fratzel, Photography
Currently I am a member of the WheatFields' bread department. I first became interested in architecture at age 11 when I came across a book titled Handmade Homes, by Art Boericke and Barry Sharpio. I studied Enviromental Design and Architecture at North Dakota State from 2006 to 2011. I hope to continue my education and earn a formal degree in the next few years. In the meantime, I have found comfort, solace, and gratitude in the art of making bread.

November - December 2018
Lynn Metzger, Paintings/b>
I have been a Lawrence native for more that 70 years. My working career was with Halmark cards in various managemant positions. I retired in 2001 and I have been painting seriously since. I studied drawing and painting at KU in the 60s with Robert Sudlow, Robert Green, and Robert Eastwood to name a few. I'm a big fan of Edward Hopper. I enjoy painting familiar, and maybe "funky" scenes and objects around Lawrence. If there is a historic element so much the better. Hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it!

January - February 2019


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