WheatFields artisan breads are baked fresh daily in our wood-fired oven.

Our bread is crafted by early-rising bakers who apply their talent and touch at each stage of the baking process. We use natural starters and slow fermentation to ensure a superb depth of flavor and an ideal texture.

Fresh Baked Bread Crafted Daily


The French Standard. A crisp crust and an open, irregular crumb with lots of yeast fermentation flavor makes ours a true classic. Great for sandwiches, crostini, or on its own.


As Italian as the baguette is French. Somewhat flat, somewhat rectangular, Ciabatta has a widely open crumb and a complex fermentation flavor. We add a touch of extra virgin olive oil.

Country French

Our flagship Pain au Levain is naturally leavened and made with unbleached flour, stone ground wheat, and rye.

Kalamata Olive

WheatFields Sourdough, loaded with ripe Kalamata olives. Maggie Glezer (Artisan Baking Across America) calls ours "by far the best." Available as either a regular boule or a "mini": too big to be called a roll, too small for a loaf.


Naturally leavened wheat dough loaded with whole sprouted wheat, oats, flaxseed and sunflower seeds.

Pain de Campagne

Literally, Country Bread, and is the traditional bread of the villagers and farmers of the French countryside. Historically, PdC had as much as 10% rye flour, was risen with levain and baked in a wood-fired oven. Ours is all of that, plus, we add some spelt (l'epautre) flour and season with sea salt.

Everyday French Bread

A simple loaf made with unbleached flour and a yeast preferment. A great bread for any day.

Pecan Raisin

Pecan halves and sweet Thompson raisins in a light, naturally leavened dough. Perfect toasted and spread with sweet creamery butter.

Rustic Italian Round

Choose from our plain or rosemary loaves every day. Rustics are made of very wet dough that gets lots of fermentation time. The results are round crusty loaves rich in flavor with an irregular open crumb. Risen with bakers' yeast and an overnight starter.

Pane Della Famiglia

A large Rustic Round, though the flavor is somewhat enhanced by the longer baking time required for the larger loaf. The crust of the best loaves is flour striated and chocolate-brown approaching ebon on the sides.


WheatFields' interpretation of this southern Italian classic. Durum wheat flour gives this bread a golden hue and a chewy crumb. We bake semolina baguettes, loaves, and rolls. Some get topped with sesame seeds, others with a poppy-sesame mix. Available on Thursdays

Sourdough Rye

Classic deli bread great for Reuben, pastrami, and ham and Swiss sandwiches. Try it with smoked salmon and wasabi mayo, open faced. Our seeded version has black and brown caraway. On Mondays and Thursdays, we offer a seedless version.

Steel Cut Oat

Another of our classic naturally leavened breads with a portion of organically grown steel–cut oats.

Walnut Raisin

Thompson raisins and California walnuts in our naturally leavened Pain de Campagne dough. Toast it at breakfast, of course, but also try a soft goat cheese spread atop.

Walnut Sage

Country French with walnuts and fresh sage. We serve our immensely popular No. 9 sandwich on this bread. The sage and walnuts complement the turkey–cranberry pairing––our "Everyday is Thanksgiving" bread.

WheatFields Sourdough

Mildly (but distinctly) sour. Just our unbleached flour and a hint of rye, leavened with WheatFields' own sourdough culture.

Rise and Shine

Country French with flax seed and dried blueberries, then rolled in sunflower seeds and baked.
Available on Tuesdays.

100% Whole Wheat

Naturally leavened loaf featuring the Heirloom Turkey Red Wheat. Available on Fridays


We make rolls from several of our doughs: French, Multigrain, Walnut Raisin, Semolina, and the always–popular ciabattine.


Every Sunday morning we bake bagels the old way: hand–formed, boiled, and hearth–baked.

Fresh Baked Bread Specials

Bagels−Boiled, hearth baked
Cranberry Pecan
Seedless Rye
Rise and Shine
Garlic and Herb
Semolina: Rolls, Baguettes, Loaves
Seedless Rye
Whole Wheat

Storage Suggestions

To maximize the shelf-life of your bread keep it in a paper bag.

While WheatFields bread is best enjoyed fresh daily, it will also freeze well for up to a month. Here are some recommendations:

  1. Thaw 1-3 hours at room temperature.
  2. Place in oven at 375° for five to ten minutes to enhance flavor and crust.
  3. If freezing a sliced loaf, each piece may be toasted without thawing.

Our bread contains no artificial preservatives and will last 2-3 days at room temperature.