Art Exhibits

WheatFields is proud to provide a showcase for local artistic talent in our cafe.

Previous Exhibits

September – October 2021
Erin A. Spiridigliozzi, Ph.D., Photography

The visual arts have always played an important part of my life, and they continue to shape me daily in my personal growth. My photography is a recent passion pursued over the past decade. I find immense pleasure in photographing the little things in life. Inspired by my love of nature and artist, Georgia O’Keeffe, my use of macro photography brings me in closer contact with my natural world by allowing me to capture details that may otherwise go unnoticed. Focusing on sclae, color, and shape particularly with my photographs of flowers, i candidly seek to srouse a sensual feeling from the viewer.

Living on seven acres in Douglas County affords me the perfect backdrop for the photographing Kansas’ majestic sunrises and sunsets. On the land, I garden and frow flowers, fruit, and vegetables because they lift my spirit and brighten my world. My photographs of flowers and flowering fruits are ones that are grown by me. Simple beauty to me is capturing a tiny green tree frog perched on a bloom of a surprise lily or naked lady…or capturing the may life facets of “Mitch,” the gray tree frog that faithfully visits every day for hours at a time for the past three summers. I hope to draw the viewer into another worldly realm with my subject matter by offering something that you can take from it…be it am understanding, hope, a sense of beauty, or experiencing a pure aesthetic pleasure.

A selection of my photography has been printed onto canvas and professionally framed for your viewing and purchase. Thank you for supporting local srtist; its truly appreciated.

July – August, 2021
Joanna Beard, Collage Paintings

March – June 2021
Nathan Mize & Seth Sanchez, Drone Photography

Nathan started Drone Lawrence in 2018 as he was finishing up his senior year at KU and one of his first clients was an apartment complex in town. Seth was a resident at the apartment and every day when he went downstairs to get his morning cup of coffee he saw a very sharp drone video playing on the lobby tv with the handle @dronelawrence watermarked in the corner. Seth decided to send a DM to Drone Lawrence and a few days later Nathan and Seth were off and running on their first collaboration.

The partnership started with a focus on video shoots for apartments, restaurants, breweries, real estate agents, construction sites, etc. but the aerial photography element quickly grabbed the limelight – and has gone from a fun side-project, to a major focus of Drone Lawrence. Armed with technology to provide a unique perspective, Nathan and Seth are constantly on the lookout for the perfect shot from Far Above The Golden Valley.